What are cookies?

Cookies are small files of data that download to a device when a visitor accesses a website.

What Cookies Do We Use & How Do We Use Them?

We use two types of cookies; some are functional and required, and some are based on website performance and analytics. Cookies cannot harm your computer and do not contain any personal or private information such as your name, address or payment information.

The cookies which are functional and required, allow you to navigate and use key features on the website, from shopping carts and the checkout process to functioning customer accounts. They also remember if you've dismissed an announcement or promotion, so they don't pop up with every link you click.

The Analytics and Performance cookies let us know how you interact with our website. The cookies help us understand how well our online store is functioning, how popular our products are, and how successfully we're doing our job. Here, we can see data such as how much traffic we get and how popular our products are, it also lets us know where the majority of our customers are coming from, we secretly hope it's not Birmingham. For this, we use some third-party cookies, which helps us understand how people use our site, and helps us integrate our website with social media.


The Boring Bits

We use Shopify, who limit data tracking:

Shopify limits customer tracking by downgrading its own non-essential cookies, outlined in Shopify's Cookie Policy, to session cookies. Session cookies are generally deleted when the customer closes their browser. If a customer consents to tracking, then the non-essential cookies are upgraded to persistent cookies, which are not deleted when the customer closes their browser.

To see a full list of exact cookies used by shopify, both essential and non essential, please click here.


It is possible to opt-out of the use of cookies in your browser settings by disabling or deleting them. If you reject cookies and still find yourself noticing Birmingham Stationery Co. ads on other websites, this is most probably because you have provided consent to a third-party at some point in the past. This could either be to Google Analytics or Adwords, who may notice that you have visited the Birmingham Stationery Co. website. For more information about how to delete or disable cookies, please visit the About Cookies website.

More Information

For more information about how businesses use cookies, you can visit the All About Cookies website.



The Facebook pixel collects five types of data:

  • Http headers - Anything present in HTTP headers. HTTP headers are a standard web protocol sent between any browser request and any server on the Internet. HTTP headers include IP addresses, information about the web browser, page location, document, referrer and person using the website.

  • Pixel-specific data - This includes the pixel ID and Facebook cookie.

  • Button click data - This includes any buttons clicked by site visitors, the labels of those buttons and any pages visited as a result of the button clicks.

  • Optional values - Developers and marketers can optionally choose to send additional information about the visit through custom data events. Example custom data events are conversion value, page type and more.

  • Form Field Names - This includes website field names such as "email", "address" and "quantity" when a person purchases a product or service. The pixel does not capture field values unless an advertiser includes them as part of advanced matching or optional values.